At Pasquier Panel Products, Inc., we offer an extensive number of panel finishing options. We offer durable sealing options and unique treatments that add to the beauty and preserve the integrity of hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, and MDF panels used as wall coverings, in cabinetry, and in casework or furniture applications.

Along with water-resistant sealers, we offer clear UV topcoats, scratch-resistant coatings, as well as treatments that render panels flame retardant and compliant with various building codes and regulations. Our capabilities include wood grain printing, which enables us to match a broad range of colors, shades, and wood species, and we also offer several options for treating the unfinished edges of plywood panels. Inside our large manufacturing plant, our lineup of equipment includes 61” DRCs and sanders, a 49” wide UV coater and floor coater, edge coaters, and grain printers. We leverage automation technologies to ensure consistent and repeatable production, and with our flexible setup, we can carry out surface finishing either before or after shaping and sizing custom panels to exact specifications. By maximizing our machine utilization and process efficiency, we can offer expedited services and keep costs low.

When plywood panels need protection from moisture or the sun or when a scratch-proof topcoat is necessary to sustain the appearance of furniture or cabinetry, we have a solution to overcome any challenge. Along with primed MDF siding and thin MDF furniture back panels, we finish panels used as cabinet backs and as decorative wall coverings. With our abundance of automated equipment and process capacity, we can handle very large volume projects.

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Panel Finishing Highlights


  • 49″ wide UV coater
  • 61″ DRC’s
  • 61″ Sander
  • 25″ grain printers
  • 49″ flood coater
  • Edge coatin

  • Primed MDF siding
  • Thin MDF furniture back panels
  • Cabinet back panels
  • Wall coverings
  • Edge sealing
  • Water resistant coatings
  • FR rated coatings
  • Clear UV Topcoat
  • UV Seal coating
  • Oak grain printing

  • Hardwood plywood
  • Softwood plywood
  • Water-based coatings
  • UV coatings

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